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Welcome to The K-12 Leader, a publication of SunGard K-12. Every quarter, our editors and contributors bring you perspectives from education’s great thought leaders. Our content is always well researched and documented and is delivered to you in the form of articles, interviews, commentaries, podcasts and national, regional and local trends.

As a reader, you will notice that the hallmark of The K-12 Leader rests squarely in what we are not. And what we are not is a publication that promotes the products and services of SunGard K-12; we’re not a mouthpiece for the company’s sales department; and we’re not a magazine that revels in seeing our staff publish article after article. Certainly, there are times when our experts have newsworthy topics to write about, but we mostly want to publish what you have to say. So if you have a topic you care deeply about, then we care deeply about it, too. Contact Lori Clark at and she’ll get the dialog started.

Now, a little bit about who we are. We’re a new magazine with a mission to Share Perspectives From Education’s Thought Leaders with our readers. We’ll do it every quarter with a deep sense of purpose and passion. And in conjunction with each issue, we’ll be sponsoring a Perspectives in Education Regional Forum that will be hosted and moderated by an education leader. We encourage you to register for these forums when they’re held in a town near you.

Finally, we’d like to remind you to tune into and download our monthly Perspectives in Education Podcasts. We guarantee you that they’re informative, entertaining and insightful, and best of all, they’re brief. We hope you enjoy the many attributes of The K-12 Leader and look forward to your contributions.